High Blood Pressure

February is American Heart Month so healthcare providers can raise awareness about heart health. As a primary care doctor, I want to focus this blog on high blood pressure aka hypertension which is also known as the silent killer. Uncontrolled hypertension can lead to heart disease, kidney failure, and strokes. About 47% of Americans currently have high blood pressure.

So what puts you at risk for high blood pressure?

1.      Unhealthy diet which includes high sodium, high fat, and highly processed foods

2.      Obesity

3.      Sedentary lifestyle

4.      Family History

5.      Tobacco Use

6.      Alcohol Use

7.      Diabetes

8.      Age

A blood pressure greater than 130/80 is considered stage 1 hypertension. If you have recently had multiple high readings, please reach out to your doctor for further guidance. Thankfully, we have many medications and lifestyle tools that we can use to help fight hypertension. The most successful patients at managing high blood pressure are people that incorporate lifestyle changes and take their medications regularly.